Frequently Asked Question

Is there any terms and conditions for listing and advertising?
No, it’s free for you to promote any medical devices.
How do I create my product or service listing in mymedicnews?
In 4 simple steps:
Go to “Request for Listing” button.
Fill up the details.
Submit your listing.
Wait for approval.
How long do you take to approve my listing(s) and advertisement(s)?
Within 24 hours.
How much is the advertisement cost?
It is FREE for life.
Is there any contract to sign?
There is no string attached.
How many listing and advertisement can I put up?
The good news is it is UNLIMITED. You can select as many categories for your product and service. Our advice is to have a catalog for each of your product and service to maximize your expose and promotion.
catTHIS Online Catalog Management Platform allows anyone to upload and share PDF Catalogs from any devices via
chat apps
social media
by showing unique QR Code of each catalog
This platform allows you to manage your potential customers All In One Platform. It’s Free-Of-Charge!
Among the features of catTHIS Online Catalog Management Platform include:
Upload unlimited PDF Advertisement Catalogs.
Unique QR code generated for each uploaded catalog.
Embed YouTube video to each catalog.
Track and view lists of all whom have saved your catalogs.
View analytics of those who have viewed your catalogs.
Chat with those who have saved your catalogs.
Post News and Events to one or multiple catalogs.
Option to PRIVATISE your catalogs for added security.
And many other amazing features.
In your listing account, you can upload your catalog into catTHIS in simple steps.
If I need help on the listing or advertising, who can I contact?
You can email to