Enovis launches augmented reality surgical guidance system

Photo features [The next-gen Augmented Reality Visualization and Information System (ARVIS) [Image courtesy of Insight Medical Systems/Enovis].

Enovis (NYSE:ENOV) announced today that it began the commercial launch of the Arvis (augmented reality visualization and information system).

Wilmington, Delaware-based Enovis — the parent company of DJO Global — earlier this month completed the acquisition of Insight Medical and its Arvis FDA-cleared augmented reality platform for hip and knee replacement surgery.

According to a news release, Arvis is the only proprietary, real-time, hands-free augmented reality (AR) technology precisely engineered for orthopedic surgeons to visualize precision guidance when performing hip and knee surgery with the support of AR.

The self-contained, wearable surgical guidance device can be worn on a headband or with helmets already worn during surgery. It was designed to ensure surgeons can focus on their patient, rather than a screen across the room, through the hands-free view of the procedure.

“Arvis was designed to provide surgeons with better information, more confidence and an enhanced surgical experience that integrates seamlessly into their procedural workflow without the need for obtrusive and unnecessary equipment,” Enovis Surgical President and GM Louie Vogt said in the release. “Arvis is significantly smaller, but powerful and precise, with a more economical price than large robotic systems.1,2 In turn, it can be adopted and scaled by a wide array of ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals, meaning more access to more patients wishing to experience the benefits of a technology-assisted knee or hip replacement.”

Enovis said Arvis is the first system with proprietary hardware for assisting surgeons in precisely placing hip and knee joining replacements to help improve joint replacement recovery outcomes. It also eliminates the use of single-use plastic instruments and consumables requiring disposal, offering a sustainable and environmentally-friendly option.

“Having knee or hip replacement is a big decision for any patient. Arvis provides me real-time feedback at the operative site and guides me as I make cuts and check measurements to ensure that the angles are correct for the best fit and alignment. The screens are located within my line of sight, so I never have to take my eyes off the patient,” said Dr. Michael Nett, chair of orthopedic surgery at South Shore University Hospital in Bay Shore, New York. “Arvis gives me further peace of mind as I’m placing small components that can make a big difference for the long and short-term arthritis relief my patients expect and deserve. It’s a game changer.”


Source: massdevice


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