Healthtronics: MAV4 Anaesthesia - Vantilator



The Multimode-Anaesthesia-Ventilator MAV4 applies a new high standard for pneumatically driven precision ventilators. It offers new features like additional respiratory modes, graphic display with a colour touch screen, integrated multi-gas monitoring and an option for extension to neonatal application.


The simple and intuitive dialogue handling simplifies the ventilator's operation for the user. The MAV4 is also recommended to be used for upgrades and conversions according to the latest technology of anaesthesia machines that are already installed.




• Respiratory parameters:

- CMV (volume controlled ventilation)

- PCV (pressure controlled ventilation)

- SIMV (synchronous intermittend mandatory ventilation)

- MMV (mandatory minute ventilation)

- ASB (pressure support ventilation)

- MAN./SPONT. (manual, spontaneous)

- spontaneous breathing with apnea securing


• Display of the measured values as curves and numeric values, trend function

• Configurable basic adjustments, specific for each respiratory mode

• Automatic leakage test

• Detection of the system compliance

• Dynamic compliance compensation

• Dialogue handling at the screen

• Touch screen with central rotary button

• Integrated Monitor for volume, pressure, O2, anaesthetic agents, N2O, CO2

• Electronic PEEP

• For neonatal, paediatric and adult application

• Error state and service information logging

• Best optic and acoustic visualising of the alarms

• Pressure outlet for switching to manual / automatic ventilation for already installed ISO-circuit systems