Malaysia to use AI solution to combat COVID-19 pandemic


Huawei Malaysia has joined hands with the Malaysia Ministry of Health to contribute Huawei Cloud AI-assisted Diagnosis solution to Sungai Buloh Hospital to empower local medical personnel with AI capabilities by providing an AI solution for CT image analysis of possible COVID-19 patients.

The Huawei Cloud AI-assisted quantitative medical image analysis system, which was used to help handle the COVID-19 situation around the world, can analyze hundreds of CT images in seconds, precisely locating lesions, and doctors can now provide diagnosis results in just one minute. 

Huawei Cloud worked with HY medical (a Beijing-based startup focused on medical imaging through artificial intelligence) to develop an AI platform. 

The AI platform has been trained with 4,000+ confirmed COVID-19 patients' image data and can service as a "super doctor". 

It can analyze suspected contours of pneumonia from CT Chest DICOM images, and provide the probability that they represent COVID-19, to radiologist as a reference to help them screen suspected cases and make an appropriate diagnosis.

This follows the global announcement recently that Huawei Cloud will be providing free AI and cloud services as part of its international action plan to fight the pandemic affecting millions worldwide.

The Huawei Cloud AI-assisted Diagnosis solution and its success in offering faster diagnosis will help pave the way for innovative technologies and will enhance medical services in government hospitals across Malaysia. 

The solution aims to bring greater value to the industry, ultimately contributing to the development of a digital nation.