Dr Clo sterilisation devices make a debut in Malaysia


After selling out over 1.5 million units to households across Asia in 2019, Dr Clo has made its debut in Malaysia and is now available on the shelves of selected pharmacies and e-commerce platforms.

Innovated by South Korea's NON Corporation, these multi-purpose patented portable sterilisation devices are customised for use in various aspects of modern lifestyles.

It is the only liquid-based Chlorine Dioxide product in the world certified by the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA). Chlorine Dioxide is a key agent to sterilise, sanitise and disinfect viruses and pathogens in a matter of seconds.

The product has also been widely tested in both Korea and Japan and is registered as a safe product for use in the general living spaces.

Its debut in Malaysia is timely, given the heightened health and safety concerns both locally and globally as the Covid-19 pandemic has generated much interest and awareness among consumers worldwide and in Malaysia on the importance of cleaner air and environment.

Dr Clo's Sterilisation Devices help to fulfill the need to sterilise, disinfect and deodorise air in living spaces within the home and in private vehicles.

Dr Clo's range of sterilisation devices is formulated to complement all ongoing efforts by homemakers and households nationwide to ensure families enjoy optimum protection within specific environments