AudioSense Hearing, Balance & Concussion Celebrates Move to a New Exciting Location and Expanding Team

Toronto, Jan. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An estimated 1.5 billion people across the globe experience some level of difficulty with their hearing, today. Hearing loss is an invisible disability, and often, those who don’t experience these same struggles with hearing and understanding can be very dismissive of the issue.  However, any impediment to hearing acuity, can lead to increased stress, depression, isolation, decreased activity, reduced social and emotional well-being, cognitive decline, poor balance, increased risks of falls, and an overall lower quality of life.

AudioSense Hearing, Balance & Concussion is a specialized audiology clinic that provides high-quality, holistic hearing care in Toronto to those suffering from hearing difficulties, balance impairments and concussion. AudioSense first opened in the Spring of 2017, but today, they are celebrating a move to a new prime and improved location for their clinic on Davenport Road, in Yorkville, Toronto.

Highlights of the new location include:

  • Bigger and more beautiful clinic with a boutique feel and lots of warm colours of the walls to make patients feel at home and comfortable
  • Same week appointments available
  • More street parking for patient convenience
  • Better accessibility in the building
    • Clinic location on the main floor
    • Elevator access to the lower level for specialty classes
    • Improved wheelchair access
    • Dedicated patient washroom on the main floor

To see the new AudioSense clinic or learn more from the growing team of talented audiologists, visit, or book an appointment today via phone at 416.901.4770, or, email at [email protected].

Growth and new beginnings

Salima Jiwani is the owner and lead audiologist at AudioSense and has a Ph.D. in Auditory Neurophysiology, Cochlear Implants and Neuroscience from the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto. She completed her Thesis at SickKids Hospital where she published many peer-reviewed papers and presented her work out countless professional conferences. She is a past-president of the Canadian Academy of Audiology and was a recipient of the President’s Award.  She is passionate about understanding and protecting brain’s role for hearing.  AudioSense is also proud to have welcomed Chantal Belanger to the team this past summer.  Chantal is a registered audiologist at AudioSense.  She completed her Master degree in Audiology at Dalhousie University, and has been recognized by the Canadian Academy of Audiology for her work in patient care with the Clinical Excellence in Audiology Award. Chantal is certified by the Infant Hearing Program in Ontario and she is particularly passionate about working with infants and young children, and has a keen interest in music and strives to help her patients who suffer from Tinnitus and other sound sensitivities. Together, Salima and Chantal work with Aniqah Lakhany, patient care administrator and coordinator at AudioSense.  Aniqah completed her degree in International Development and Globalization at the University of Ottawa.  She has a keen interest in social media marketing and a beautiful passion for building strong patient relationships.

Unique and Quality audiological care

All of the services that AudioSense provides are evidence-based (drawing upon the most up-to-date research available, and using state-of-the-art equipment), holistic, and available in both English and French for patient convenience. The AudioSense team is on a mission to innovate, educate, and offer the best care for hearing, balance, and concussion management possible.

AudioSense offers its patients with premium white-glove service with a personal touch, all at affordable prices. This is because they firmly believe that no one should ever feel disconnected from their world, because of a change to their hearing. Everything at the clinic – from the orange and pink colours on the walls, improved accessibility, custom glass-enclosed sound-booth and the complimentary cappuccinos – is designed with patient comfort in mind.

Why not book an appointment with the expert audiologists at AudioSense to improve your hearing, regain your balance and fully connect with your world? If you’re still not 100% convinced that AudioSense is right for you, go read their 5 star reviews here!

More information

To learn more about AudioSense, you can visit their website at Alternatively, if you have any queries or would like to book an appointment, please call the team at 416.901.4770 or email them at [email protected].

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