Treatment’s Debut AI-driven Health App Getting Five Star Reviews from Doctors International Inc. is a global healthcare company that has developed a next-generation AI platform to help patients and caregivers around the world make better health decisions.

Treatment’s landmark debut product, the Treatment Digital Health App, has been garnering five-star reviews on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Users’ comments have been resoundingly positive about both the comprehensive nature of the assessment, as well as the accuracy of the assessment results. Reviews have come directly from medical doctors in the US, and state that Treatment’s much-anticipated app “is living up to my high expectations; and, equally importantly, does not have the concerns (including inaccuracies and trying to replace physicians) that I had feared. The process of medical data collection (through intelligent questioning with option choices provided) is sound and thorough.”

“The positive feedback our first product has been receiving really speaks to the vision of the team and how it is being brought to life through the app’s intelligent questions, and sound medical information being delivered to end users. I’m pleased that the market is validating the work that went into designing and building the foundational Global Library of Medicine, so that our products can support the medical community in a revolutionary new way, starting with the Treatment Digital Health App,” says CEO and co-founder of Treatment, John Fraser.

The Treatment Digital Health App, revolutionary in the symptom assessment tool marketplace, has been built and is continually updated by a global team of doctors and engineers to provide users with highly predictive and accurate insights about their health. The difference in Treatment’s approach is the foundation of medical information housed in the agile, responsive, AI-driven Global Library of Medicine. By leveraging the industry’s most up-to-date medical information, Treatment products, including the Treatment Digital Health App, provide the most advanced access to medical knowledge ever available for widespread use.

About is a disruptive healthcare technology company harnessing the power of AI to help global citizens improve their health through personalized recommendations and insights. Based in Vancouver with a US subsidiary, the company spent the last five years working with a team of world-class doctors, engineers, mathematicians, and AI specialists to develop a sophisticated and scalable AI engine that leverages the most robust, personalized data to generate highly predictive and accurate insights. is the company behind the new release of the Treatment Digital Health App. This doctor-built app is driven by an intelligent digital health assistant which will empower people to take control of their health. Doctors are encouraged to apply for NFT and blockchain rewards for contributing to Treatment’s growing compendium of medical knowledge housed in its proprietary Global Library of Medicine.


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