DoctorOnCall reinstates COVID-19 virtual health advisory

To address the growing number of COVID-19 cases throughout Malaysia, the rising health concerns amongst Malaysians and particularly in Sabah, digital health startup DoctorOnCall has updated services on its platform.

For patients in Sabah, DoctorOnCall has commenced once again, its COVID-19 virtual health advisory portal. This medium, was first initiated by the Ministry of Health in February 2020 and is the first of its kind, established together with a Government in the region.

As the people in Sabah battle the escalation of COVID-19, they can access this portal for free from anywhere, seven days a week via

Here, patients will be able to search for verified and credible written articles about the disease; take a self-assessment test to understand their risks, and should they wish to clarify their symptoms, speak to our resident Doctors via chat, phone or video call.

This free virtual health advisory platform allows a Doctor to understand callers' concerns about COVID-19 or any other illnesses, assess any symptoms, and advice on the necessary steps to be taken.

This virtual health advisory portal can potentially relieve potential crowding at healthcare facilities, allay the public's fears and concerns through reading credible and verified information.

In addition, should patients order their medication online via DoctorOnCall, these will be delivered free of charge to their location, in the state of Sabah.

 DoctorOnCall quickly reinstated this customised portal at this critical and crucial time, as it hopes to keep people safe whilst obtaining healthcare.

Maran Virumandi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, DoctorOnCall said, "In addition, we are also pleased to announce Telehealth Consultation services with specialists as well as health screening packages, from our partner providers; Thomson Hospital; TMC Fertility Centre and Columbia Asia Hospitals."