Turn Medical Delivers Innovation with Impact

Turn Medical, a medical device company founded by passionate people committed to delivering innovative solutions, announces their brand and first product launch. With years of extensive experience in the critical care space, Turn Medical will offer a revolutionary automated prone positioning solution.

Why Turn Medical? More than a product, more than a logo, Turn Medical is committed to providing therapies that deliver improved patient outcomes, flexible solutions for healthcare systems, and ongoing education on early diagnosis and evidence related to prone therapy.

Passion, value and innovation are core values within Turn Medical, guiding each team member to create solutions that:

  • leverage automation to decrease the overall cost of patient care by reducing staffing burden and the risk for injury to both patients and staff
  • enhance the knowledge of clinicians through Turn University’s educational offerings
  • provide a variety of revolutionary solutions to meet the needs of healthcare systems.

“Our mission is to empower our team – through compassionate product development and evidence-based education – to prioritize patient outcomes and caregiver safety while providing value to clinical institutions and our investors,” comments Tara Psencik, Turn Medical’s CEO. “We have a vision to be the most trusted partner for our clients, known for developing products and solutions that address the critical unmet needs of patients and their families as well as caregivers and healthcare systems.”

At Turn Medical, we are more than an evidence-based medical device company — we are a group of innovators committed to delivering impactful and revolutionary patient care solutions. Our experienced team is committed to developing products that provide value to all those involved in healthcare, from patients to clinicians to healthcare systems. Our solutions are designed to produce superior patient outcomes, improve caregiver safety, and reduce the overall cost of patient care.


Eric Barta; [email protected]