Medical mobile applications : The Future of Healthcare

Mobile apps have completely redefined how both patients and doctors receive and deliver medical care.

Medical mobile applications are the perfect example of the kind of ease-of-use the dovetailing of technology and healthcare can provide.

Applications mean that patients can search for services at the literal tap of a finger. Patients can search for a doctor with ZocDoc, monitor their diabetes conditions using Diabetes in Check, and have access to instant medical information using applications such as MDLive and WebMD.

Less well-known, however, is how applications are making life significantly easier for physicians.

80% of physicians use mobile devices at work, with applications such as UpToDate helping doctors have access to the latest medical information on a range of conditions. A number of apps also have the capability of providing personalized care plans based on a patient’s information, and aid doctors in making better decisions in the workplace.

In the physician space, over one million doctors in America leverage Epocrates to improve the quality of care for their patients by prescribing the right drugs in the right quantity.  

Whether your healthcare company is targeted at physicians or the average patient, building an application could mean increased exposure and greater convenience to your target audience.

In such a high-cost industry with a clear potential for increased efficiency, it is of vital importance for healthcare companies to be aware of, plan for, and effectively implement at least some of the new technologies transforming healthcare.


Contributed by Digital Authority Partners