Healthtronics in Meet & Mingle Session by MyMedicNews.



It’s the time again for the Meet & Mingle Session organized by MyMedicNews and this time around, it was fully sponsored by Malaysian Exhibition (MES). Held for the second time at the Red Box Karaoke @ The Gardens, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this value-added event was organized with the purpose of building and strengthening the relationship after the inaugural Meet & Mingle Session held in March that promotes the marriage between businesses within the healthcare and the medical industry.



The invitation was posted online in MyMedicNews.Com, a community portal which enables registered users to make forum posts, as well as to communicate with one and other within the healthcare and medical related sectors. All intended participants have been advised to post a reply in the invitation thread within the forum so that everyone will be able to anticipate "who's who" that they will be meeting. This method of invitation enables the education for those who are new to online forums participation.


The crowd flowed in steadily in the early evening, and staffs of the organizers were seen busy with tying a "patient tag" look-alike around the wrist of all the guests which had already formed a queue. This tag played a role as the identification ticket to dine at the wide variety of buffet delights which was set up near the entrance. 



The event started off with the brief presentation from the Publisher and CEO of Infinity 21. Mr. Benny Yeo on the coming publication of Medical Supplies Annual Directory and the guests, where many are continuous advertisers of the publication, were pleased to witness the proof of circulation which was previously guaranteed by Infinity 21.


Following the speech was the presentation from the sponsor, MES on the company background by Mr. Alun Jones. Besides the company background, Mr. Alun Jones did announce on the coming medical events in year 2011 and Infinity 21 is proud to be selected as the supporting media for the medical exhibitions.


Healthtronics, which is the subsidiary of Faber Medi-Serve (M) Sdn Bhd (FMS), the largest integrated hospital support service provider in Malaysia has also pay a visit to this event. Being the backend supporter all these years for the hospital service provider, The Chief of Healthtronics, Encik Salleh Tahir announced that it will be going front line in the medical industry. Together with this move, Healthtronics revealed that it will be appointing Infinity 21 as the main supporting media in the mission of going front line in the industry.


Soon after the speech from Healthtronics, Benny Yeo performed his first song of the night. Many took on the wireless microphone and enjoyed the wide variety of songs available, while others continued to mingle with each other, shaking hands and exchanging business cardswhich were also the objectives of this networking session.


MyMedicNews Meet & Mingle Session will be organized every quarter of the year and will be held in different countries or venues. Some of these events may incorporate business-matching sessions, dialogue sessions, and presentations by related government agencies or NGOs.



About Infinity 21

Infinity 21 is the official publisher of the Medical Supplies Annual Directory, the bi-monthly magazine Medical News, and the creator of the online community portal and forums, MyMedicNews.Com.


The Medical Supplies Annual Directory is a yearly source guide on medical equipment, devices, supplies and services which is endorsed and supported by the Ministry of Health Malaysia that serves the growing needs of Malaysia's health and medical sectors. It is the ultimate sourcing guide for all decision-makers in the government and private hospitals, medical centres, clinics, and more.


Medical News is a bi-monthly magazine that targets readership to medical professionals and decision-makers with updates on the latest development within the healthcare industry. It keeps the industry abreast of new technologies and applications on equipment, devices, and disposable products from all over the world. The magazine, which is published once in every two months, will also provide information of previews and post reviews of medical related exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and other events.


Both the publications, Medical Supplies Annual Directory and the Medical News carry an extensive GUARANTEED CIRCULATION in Malaysia to all governmental and private hospitals, cancer centres, transplant and dialysis centres, thousands of registered medical clinics, departments in the Ministry of Health, State Health Departments, District Health Offices, and all other healthcare operators. It is also distributed to health institutions and colleges, laboratories, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), and related exhibitions and conferences worldwide.


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